What is the earliest date available for practical classes?

Answer: Practical will be given after passing the theory test in  few weeks

What is the earliest date available for Road Exam?

Road exam is taken once a student passes the L and P test. We  send the request for student exam to the traffic police department and they schedule the exam. the dates of the exam depend upon the number of students and availability of  police officers. We at alkhebra driving school can not provide any dates from our side as it is assigned by the traffic police department.

Why does it take time to get a test date?

The Traffic department decides the number of student who can take the test per day. So when there are too many students for test then it takes time.

I have driving license from my country. what do I need to do?

The traffic department will first check your license for authentication and validity. Then they will allow you to take driving test directly without taking any course. they will give you two tests.you have two options.

1) Take Direct Test: You need to pass Theory, L and P and Road Test.

2) Take Half Course: Even experienced drivers do not remember theory and  fail the test. Therefore in order to refresh memory and learn the driving rules in Qatar, you should take half driving course. Course details are here.

Why VIP students get early test dates than regular?

Students who take VIP course pay more. Therefore we give them priority in every matter. They get early classes, and early tests.

Why Female instructors are expensive than male instructors?

We have only a few female instructors and it is difficult to get a female driving instructor. That is why a course with a female instructor is little more expensive.

Where can I get the list of countries whose licenses are valid in Qatar?

Please check with the traffic police department. Only they are allowed to approve any license.