Registration Instructions

Important Notes:

  1. If you are Company Sponsored please verify your Profession mentioned from your QID before paying online, please download and see the list from here..
  2. Before going for Eye-test make sure the following, if you are wearing eyeglasses/contact lenses photo should have glasses/lenses and wear the lenses the same. The Eye-testing only in Academy from 7am to 11am & 4pm to 7pm Sunday to Thu.
  3. Before proceeding for online registration , Please Read the General InformationTerms & Conditions.
  4. Application Form and other documents can be downloaded from here.
  5. Please make sure you have reviewed the List of All Courses. It will help you select the course. Optionally you can read about the Comparison between our Regular and VIP Light Vehicle Courses.
  6. If you already have license from your home country and you want to take Half Course or Direct Test, you need permission from Traffic Police Department. We have a branch of Traffic department at Al Khebra premises from 6am to 11am Sun to Thu only (Monday only for Ladies) . Please remember that without formal approval from Traffic Police Department, you will not be allowed to take Half course or Direct Test.
  7. If you are a corporate client, Please contact ur marketing department, before online registration
  8. As per the new Rule of Traffic Department effective March 1, 2016 Full Course & Half Course will have 2 chances of Road Test and Signal & L&P Parking Test will be unlimited but if Failed you will pay 50QR test-fee to arrange another date.

Step 1: Checklist

Sponsored either a Company or Person

  1. NOC through METRASH2.
  2. Eye-test Report from our Academy or any Traffic department accredited eye-center.
  3. Qatar ID Copy
  4. Four pcs. Passport size photos (If you are using spectacles ensure your photos are with glasses)
    If you are Company Sponsored please verify your Profession mentioned from your QID before paying online, please download and see the list from here.

Step 2: Registration

      1. Go to registration page and select the course.
      2. Pay online.
      3. You will Receive an email from Alkhebra Driving Academy containing  Your order  Number and other details of your online registration.

Step 3: After Registration

  1. Please scan all the documents you prepared in the previous step (Step1) and send us on the following email address . Please Do Not Forget To Mention Your Online Order Number in the Subject of The Email. You will be required to submit the original documents when you will visit us first time.
  2. Once we receive your email. The following will be done.
    1. We will prepare your file and assign you a student Admission Number.
    2. We will prepare your Schedule for Theory Classes this will be done thru call.
    3. The registered number will be getting a reminder message a day before the first class.
    4. The student will handover the original documents to Ms.Huda and in return she will give the printed schedules and Traffic Book on that day when you visit the Academy.

Video: How To Register Online

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