Terms & Conditions

  1. If you are Company Sponsored please verify your Profession mentioned from your QID before paying online,  please download and see the list from here..
  2. Before going for Eye-test make sure the following, if you are wearing eyeglasses/contact lenses photo should have glasses/lenses and wear the lenses the same. The eyetest only in Academy from 7AM to 12PM  & 4PM to 7PM Sunday to Thu.
  3. The applicant must be at least 18 years old for light vehicle and 21 years old for heavy/equipment vehicle.
  4. The students are required to sign The Training Agreement, provided with the Application Form.
  5. Approval from the Traffic Department (beside the Al Khebra Academy) is required for half session registration, your country license should be valid.
  6. The student must carry their Learning License at all times during the training and renew before getting expire. Keep the Learning License with you.
  7. Bring the METRASH2 Registration for Driving License print-out for (Light, M.Truck,Trailer, Excavator & etc.)
  8. In case of cancellation the amount of 350QR will be deducted as a management fee plus the cost of the book, access card, learning license & whatever training days consumed,  but in case to case basis which needs approval from the Management.
  9. In case of absence, it’s a must to inform our office and submit medical certificate in case of sickness and/or provide documents to support your travel purpose.
  10. Absence on scheduled training will be deducted from your allotted training schedule.
  11. Learning License is valid for 3months only, you have to pay 150QR upon expiration.
  12. NO Learning Permit will be not allowed for Practical Driving Class.
  13. Changing of Practical Training Time must submit a Request Letter and subject for approval.
  14. Bribery or any kind of gifts are not allowed directly or indirectly.
  15. If you are Company Sponsored, please check your Profession from your QID if allowed or not. You can download the list from here.