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Light Vehicle Courses

Important Notes:

  1. Please Click On The Link (Auto or Manual) To Visit Relevant Course Registration Page.
  2. A Flat Discount of QR 250/ on All Full Courses and QR 200/- on All Half Courses is given on online registration
  3. Test Fees (QR 50) of First Driving Test Will be charged with the course fees.
Type of Course Classes (Theory/Practical) FEES (Male Instructor) ​​FEES (Female Instructor) Tests
​VIP Full Course Theory:5 Practical:40 LP:15
+ Simulator Training
 ​QR 6545.00 Auto /
QR 6045.00 Manual)
 ​QR 6545.00.00 Auto /
QR 6045.00 Manual)
​VIP Half Course Theory:5 Practical:20 LP:15
+ Simulator Training
QR ​5245.00 Auto /
QR 4795.00 Manual)
 ​QR 5245.00 Auto /
QR 4795.00 Manual)

General Information

  • Introduction

    We offer a top-notch Drivers Education Program which consists of theory (classroom) and practical training (Behind the Wheel). We also focus and lay emphasis on driver’s behavior and attitudes. Moreover, we also develop the concept of safety and courtesy while driving.

    Theory Classes

    1. Highway transportation system.
    2. Instrument panel drill & vehicle controls.
    3. Traffic control devices.
    4. Traffic laws and violations.
    5. Adverse driving conditions.
    6. Safety restraint systems.
    7. Child Safety.
    8. Emergency situations.
    9. Driving techniques & maneuvers.
    10. Vehicle mechanics and maintenance.
    11. Vehicle systems.
    12. Risk management & accident avoidance.
    13. Impaired driving.
    14. Sharing the road.
    15. First aid.

    Practical Classes

    1. Pre-entry checks.
    2. Introduction to basic vehicle mechanics.
    3. Instrument panel and vehicle controls.
    4. Vehicle system.
    5. Safety restraints.
    6. Basic driving maneuvers.
    7. Advanced driving maneuvers.
    8. Driving in various road environments.
    9. Multiple types of parking.
    10. Driving in low and high volume traffic environments.
    11. Expressway driving.
    12. Negotiating roundabouts.
    13. Reacting in emergency situations.
    14. Developing positive behavior, attitude and courtesy.

  • Terms & Conditions

    1. The applicant must be at least 18yrs old for light vehicle and 21yrs old for heavy/equipment vehicle.
    2. Approval from the Traffic Ministry is required for quarter and a half session for foreign licenses holders.
    3. The student must carry their training card at all times during the training.
    4. Bring the Metrash2 Registration for Driving License print-out  for (Light, M.Truck,Trailer, Excavator & etc.)
    5. In case of cancellation the amount of 350QR will be deducted as a management fee plus the cost of the book, access card, learning license & whatever training days consumed,  but in case to case basis which needs approval from the Management.
    6. In case of absence, it’s a must to inform our office and submit medical certificate in case of sickness and/or provide documents to support your travel purpose.
    7. Absence on scheduled training will be deducted from your allotted training schedule.
    8. Learning License is valid for 3months only, you have to pay 150QR upon expiration.
    9. NO Learning Permit will be not allowed for Practical Driving Class.
    10. Changing of Practical Training Time must submit a Request Letter and subject for approval.
    11. Bribery or any kind of gifts are not allowed directly or indirectly.

  • Required Documents

    Sponsored either a Company or Person

    1. NOC through METRASH2.
    2. Eye-test Report from our Academy or any Traffic department accredited eye-center.
    3. Qatar ID Copy
    4. Four pcs. Passport size photos (If you are using spectacles ensure your photos are with glasses)
      If you are Company Sponsored please verify your Profession mentioned from your QID before paying online, please download and see the list from here.

  • Learners With Driving License From Home Country

    1. Half Course – After approval from Traffic Department, submit all the requirements to the Reception and apply for a half course.
    2. Direct Test – Complete all the requirements with the copy of your license and present it directly to The Traffic Department for the approval. Direct Test fee QR 50.00 (Card payment only), QR 500.00 rental fee of heavy vehicles and
      QR 200.00 for Light vehicle.

  • How To Register?

    1. Read the terms and condition mentioned above and make sure you are eligible for driving in Qatar. Please see
    2.  Prepare all the required documents as mentioned above.
    3. You can register for your prefered timing, language  and insturctor (Male or Female)
    4. Register online and save money or visit Alkhebra Driving Academy ( See the map).
    5. You can also call the following number to collect your documents. Phone No. +974 445 16353

  • After Registration

    1. After registration you will get schedule for theory classes.
    2. Theory classes are taught in Arabic, English, Hindi and Malyalum and Tamil.
    3. Before you finish the theory classes, collect your Learning License from the theory instructor.
    4. Once you finish the theory classes you will take theory test. Your instructor will inform you of the test date and time.

    Practical Classes and Test

    1. After passing the theory test, confirm your practical training schedule from reception.
    2. Practical classes are offered in Arabic, English, Hindi, Tamil, Malyalum, Telugu, Singhala. Choose the instructor in your preferred language.
    3. Once you will take minimum practical classes, you will be eligible for Pre-driving test.No. of minimum classes are 20 for full course and 15 for half course. The supervisor will take your pre-driving test and if you are successful you will be advised to pay for Practical test and get scheduled.
    4. You will take first  L and  Box Parking test. IF you pass the test you are eligible to get scheduled for road test.
    5. If you pass the road test, you will get the license on the same day from traffic licensing office located in the premises of our school.
    6. If you fail for any test you will have to register again for the test and pay for test. you can take 4 test if you are attending full course and only 2 tests if you are attending half course.


Registration Instructions

Important Notes:

  1. Before proceeding for online registration , Please Read the General InformationTerms & Conditions.
  2. Application Form and other documents can be downloaded from here.
  3. Please make sure you have reviewed the List of All Courses. It will help you select the course. Optionally you can read about the Comparison between our Regular and VIP Light Vehicle Courses.
  4. If you already have license from your home country and you want to take Half Course or Direct Test, you need permission from Traffic Police Department. We also have a branch of Traffic department in Alkhebra premises. Please remember that without formal approval from Traffic Police Department, you will not be allowed to take Half course or Direct Test.
  5. If you are a corporate client, Please contact our marketing department, before online registration.

Step 1: Checklist

Please make sure you have prepared all the documents required to register in our academy. you can download the application form and other documents from  Downloads Page.

Sponsored By Company

If you are sponsored by a company you will need the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Training Agreement
  • Bring the Metrash2 Registration for Driving License print-out.
  • You can take eye test in our academy from 7 A.M to 12 P.M (Sunday to Thursday).
  • Copy of Applicant’s Qatar ID (if no ID yet, VISA copy + Passport Copy + Entry Stamp copy from passport)
  • 4 pcs. Passport size photos (white background).

Sponsored By Family or Individual

If you are sponsored by your family (Husband, Father etc) or you are an individual who wants to learn driving, you will need the following documents

  • Application Form
  • Training Agreement
  • Metrash2 Registration Print-out of the person applying for driving license.
  • Eye testing for driving license. 
  • 4 pcs. Passport size photos (white background).

Step 2: Registration

      1. Go to registration page and select the course.
      2. Pay online.
      3. You will Receive an email from Alkhebra Driving Academy containing  Your order  Number and other details of your online registration.

Step 3: After Registration

  1. Please scan all the documents you prepared in the previous step (Step1) and send us on the following email address . Please Do Not Forget To Mention Your Online Order Number in the Subject of The Email. You will be required to submit the original documents when you will visit us first time.
  2. Once we receive your email. Here is what we will do
    1. We will prepare your file and assign you a student Admission Number.
    2. We will prepare your Schedule for Theory Classes.
    3. We will send you email to
      1. come to our school and submit original documents
      2. take eye test
      3. Receive Theory Class Schedule and Access Card.

Want to Register Now ? Select the Course & Pay Online.